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Elder Orphans

"Orphan": a person without protective affiliation or sponsorship ( The aging of the Baby Boomer generation has led to a silver tsunami of “elder orphans.”  This is an ever-increasing population of seniors who, by choice or circumstance, now find themselves without reliable family or friends to help them manage the everyday necessities of daily living. For the fortunate few seniors with at least one family member close enough to assist them, sadly, sometimes the

Cursed with options. Blessed with options.

When it comes to making a decision about a product or service, we are generally accustomed to having all of the available options at our finger tips before we make our selection. We can access the Google search engine or go directly to Amazon.  We enter the name of the item we want to buy and are presented a nearly exhaustive list of options. We can shuffle the list according to price, color, category, reviews, etc. Once we have narrowed the list down to our top choices, we

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